Paper and cardboard have a fascinating impact on our lives, and we as Filztuchverwaltungsgesellschaft are proud of having significantly contributed to this industry with our quality products for manufacturers of paper machine clothings for almost forty years.

With our expertise, we manufacture products to satisfy the highest quality requirements of our customers. However, our distinctive feature is our continuous pursuit of product innovation and the steady development of new technologies. Many products that are today recognised industry standard, have been researched and developed by us.

Today, the Filztuchverwaltungsgesellschaft is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pintle wires for clothings in the paper and cardboard industry. We were able to achieve this position thanks to the close contact to our customers and the continuously increasing quality requirements to manufacturers of paper machine clothings. For many of these cloth factories, we are the sole supplier. We bank on our own developments, a large vertical range of manufacture and long-term reliable suppliers.

We work in accordance with the quality assurance system ISO 9001 in order to provide even more security to our business and our employees. On this basis, we will be furthermore committed to offer only products and services which satisfy the highest quality requirements thanks to our developments. High investments in research and development ensure our top-ranking position and guarantee the use of quality materials and the most accurate processing. We are committed to offer the best quality to our global customers, because to be the best, we must give our best.

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