Heritage Obliges


Since the foundation of the company by the Association of German and Belgian Manufacturers of Paper Machine Clothings in 1967, the name Filztuchverwaltungs GmbH has been standing for high quality, reliability and competence. The objective of the foundation was to develop principles for needling of wet and dry screens. First, our company established purchasing, production, patent evaluation and parts of public relations.

In 1970, community research was assigned to the Filztuchverwaltungsgesellschaft. In 1976, using an innovative procedure, the Filztuchverwaltungsgesellschaft developed a high duty, hydrolysis- and heat-proof “pintle wire” suitable to close off seams applied on paper machine clothings. This laid the foundation for the global utilisation of our pintle wire, and the development of our company’s core business which we are committed to today as well as into the future.

After a management-buyout in 1999, the management changed. Ms Stefanie Spielmann was assigned to run the business operations. Today, we deliver to manufacturers of paper machine clothings all over the world.

We keep expanding our broad range continuously, and we provide professional organisation and order processing, innovative ideas and excellent service. Motivated, best trained staff stands for our high-performance team and leads the way of our customers’ specific requirements to the future.